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We are your one-stop shop to an all-electric home, from planning to installation. 
We work to your timeframes and your budget.

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For only $250, our Home Assessment will empower you to: 

Know the best upgrade options for your home

Know the ballpark costs

Know your timeline to get off gas

Know your financial options to pay for upgrades

What is included?

Home Audit

A home energy expert will review your home so you understand the best pathway to get off gas. 

Access to finance

Connect with our accredited financial broker partner to know your options.

Home assessment report

Everything you need to choose your best home upgrade options in one document. A report includes...

...upgrade options

Easily compare between different systems and products to upgrade your home.

...ballpark costings

Get estimates for the different home upgrade options and available rebates.


Knowledge to help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

Want to see a sample assessment report? You can view an excerpt here.

What's after the assessment?

I'm ready!

Itching to get started with your upgrades? You can...

Lock it in with a project plan

When you are ready, we will lock in your scope of work, budget and timeline with a project plan. All plans include...

Upgrades summary

Everything included with all your upgrades so you'll avoid getting surprised by hidden costs.

Finalised costings

Up to date pricing for supply and install for the products that you've chosen.


All the rebates that you can get across all your upgrades, in one place.

A project timeline

Know how long it will take to get to get off gas.

Let us manage your upgrades

If you prefer, we'll get the work done promptly with reliable, trustworthy installers. You can expect...

Expertise and experience

Use a team of project managers, schedulers, suppliers and installers with years of experience.

Project management

We ensure the project is completed on time and on budget, keeping you updated along the way.

Time saving

Let us coordinate all tradespeople and upgrades. All you have to do is provide home access.

Cost savings

We have established relationships with suppliers and tradespeople, resulting in lower prices.

Reduced risk

We will ensure work carried out meets the project specification and all accredited standards.

Certified installers

All tradespeople are accredited and established and honour long product warranties.

I'm not ready.

Not the right time to get started yet? That's ok.

Use our "set and forget" service

As part of your home assessment, we find out your preferred time frame for upgrades. We can send reminders to get started based on...

Other projects

Timelines for other renovations or upgrades to your home.

Government incentives

Upcoming changes to council, state and federal incentives and initiatives.

New products

The scheduled launch of more affordable or improved products in the market.

Financial circumstances

Increased savings or access to more affordable finance options

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