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What is the masterclass?

The masterclass will take you through the following steps:

Creating a personal profile

Prior to the masterclass, we'll send you a comprehensive home assessment to gather and report information about your home. This helps us to understand the unique circumstances of your home and understand your goals.

Building your expert team

Using your profile, we hand-pick the most suitable subject matter experts to attend the masterclass and help you achieve your goals. Our experts bring a wealth of practical experience and knowledge, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date and relevant information. These experts will help you make decisions and build your electrification plan.

Connect with trusted installers

Once your plan is up to scratch, we'll introduce you to trusted installers that we've put through our vetting process. You can be confident that you'll get a fairly-priced job, a high quality install and a multi-year guarantee that you can actually rely on. No dodgy tradies here!

Are you Ready?

We will check for the following areas:


Can you afford the upgrades 

you want?


Do you have a good base understanding about home electrification? 


Are you ready to take action?


Is the masterclass the best fit 

for your needs?

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Jay Clarke

Energy Freedom Homes

Our team has over 15 years of experience in sustainability, project management, and community engagement.

We've successfully partnered with organisations such as Mornington Shire Council and community groups like Geelong Sustainability, delivering impactful projects aimed at reducing carbon footprints in their communities. 

Our network includes award-winning installers and experts in home electrification, energy efficiency, and finance, uniquely positioning us to guide homeowners on their journey to Energy Freedom.

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Oscar Turmine Minchinton

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